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, but their home is making them lose more sleep than the baby. they have a one bedroom unit so the crib is in their closet and they can't buy because she brought it as a tic where co-owners buy in together and convert to condos. after eight years they're still waiting to convert. >> the probability goes lower and lower each time because there's more applicants competing for the same spots. >> san francisco allowing 200 every year and the number of tics have grown to 2,000. >> it used to take two or three years, but it's looking like 20 years. >> they packed city hall that allows tic owners a chance at buying con dope status. the line to speak went out the door and around the hallway. opponents held a rally outside and said the law will bad and encourage investers to snatch up the property. >> you have people that want to take a profit and take the units off the market and turn them into ten an sees in common and sell them as condos. >> my fear is by opening the blood gate and these condo converting has speculateers -- >> one supervisor says he wants to continue this and it will have to
engulfed the unit, caught fire, crippled the refinery and sent 15,000 neighbors to the hospital. but, the government says even without that, there would have been some kind of fire but perhaps not as severe. chevron says they are cooperating with all investigations. back to you. >>> an outbreak of the nora virus at a senior facility. 59 people became sick. the virus contributed to the deaths of two 86-year-olds but can not be classified as the cause of death. the outbreak appears to be recedingism new u.s. employment numbers out today show solid job gains last month. the labor department says the employers add 155,000 jobs in december. the national unemployment rate was unchanged at 7 .8%. -- 7.8%. >>> on wall street, stocks ended on a banner week on another winning note. the dow gained 43 points, nasdaq add 1, held by a sell off by apple. >>> more details, s&p500 closed up, closinga at 1466. the index rose 4.6% just this week alone. the s p p500 ends -- s&p500 ends at the highest note since 2007. >>> fico is moving back to silicone valley. the move to san jose will bring the company
is how to make budget cuts. >> taxes will go up and the united states will ring in the new year by going over the fiscal cliff. it would increase the state tax, bring back higher tax rates on owners. >> our most immediate priority is to stop taxes going u pstarting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal we can accomplish. >> reporter: they wanted taxes to go up on couples making $250,000. this deal is a concession as it increases on households. >> it has been clearly a g ood- faith negotiation. we all want to protect taxpayers and we can get it done now. >> reporter: a sticking point is a sequester. more than a trillion dollars in social programs, they say that the market needs structure and certainty, not haggling. it could take a hit if the deal falls a part. with higher taxes, california would spend less and tax r eceipts would drop. the loss of $11 billion in revenues in two years. the automatic spending cuts could affect thousands of jobs here in california. >>> optimism strikes a deal on a winning note. they break a five-day losing streak. the nasdaq scored a 2% gain with a 55 gai
. about 50 people live in the apartment building he owns. some had units that didn't drain rotten cabinets and serious mold. >>> the algeria, armed al-qaeda stormed the facility yesterday. algeria said forecasts had had died during the mission. u.s. authorities say at least 20 hostages escaped with the help of u.s. special forces. >>> a new way to manipulate gift cards to take the money buyers believe is getting to the recipient. victims may not even realize what's happening. >> a smoul down in the santa cruz -- small down in the santa cruz mountains but wanting to profit off of residents. >> there's a lot of people hurting out of work and it's a tough time and i think it's awful. >> sheriff's deputies say someone attemptered with their gift cards. >> take a look at this tampered with their gift card. >> what they do is they photo copy this bar code and place it on the other cards just by slipping a piece of paper in there. and you would never know until you got it home and ripped it apart. >> investigators say the scam puts the money on the fee's gift -- thieve's give card instead of your
held hostage and as many as 30 have died. workers at that plant come from the united states, britain and other western european countries. >>> state officials say that california's jobless rate is holding steady. unemployment was unchanged at 9.8% in december. nearly 2 million were out of work last month. that's down 255,000 from one year ago. construction, information technology, education and health services were the biggest. take a look at what's happening in the bay area, all nine counts have unemployment rates lower than the state average. it's the lowest at 5.5%. san francisco at 6.5%. and santa clara at 7.5. it's the highest at 9.3%. >>> solid earnings from dow components, general electric and morgan stanley helped stocks end higher. dow gained 53 points today. nasdaq lost 1. the dow and s&p 500 are sitting at five year highs. here's the course of the dow over the five year period from january of 2008 until now. stocks that finished higher three weeks running. >>> this could be one of the worst flu seasons in several years. the good and the bad about this year's vaccine. >> t
the federal government discriticism united states to women. >>reporter: leon pan yettie gave the military until 25016 to seek special exceptions if they believe any scombipgss must be remain closed to women. some may open as early as this year. special operations forces including navy seals may take longer. >> they've been using gender as a proximity as ability to do a job. guess what? a lot of men can't hack it either. this is forcing the service to say what is our qualification criteria. >>reporter: women have seen combat. 15030 have died and 800 -- 130 and died and # hundred wounded. >> san ma it ao has -- san mat -- the u.s. sexual assaults last year at the lack land air force based and most were put on instructors. >> we have two instructors that admitted having sex with ten of their trainees each. and they were married. >> speerz bill would force instructors who have sex with a trainee to be kicked out. military leaders say they are trying to implement new guidelines. >>> notre dame's all american linebacker is admitting he lied for about a month about the online girlfriend who neve
. >> a national guard unit based on in the south bay is on on its way to a war zone t. arrived at move fet field. they -- moffett field. 1 helicopter pilot said they tried to get to the injuries within -- injured within minutes. it is dangerous. >> federal investigators say a 787 dreamliner that got fire, they're examining the battery. it burned on board a japan airlines flight in boston earlier this month. all 50 dreamliners have been grounded worldwide while authorities investigate. >>> st.anton's's dining room, marked the ground breaking for the new dining room today. >>> the old facility was demolished after 6 decades of serving meals to the needy. it will be biggie with a modern kitchen and 90 apartment -- will be bigger with a modern apartments. >> it was a socialize and talk and -- it was to socialize and talk and we were happy. >> it is a place where we don't just talk about compassion, we act upon it. >> it should be finished by thanksgiving of 2014. >>> residents of baby district, now have healthy food. the healthy eating act of living program is funded by kaiser permanent a. they typi
an investigation by the special victims unit and their review of the evidence. a woman a cruised crabtree of assaulting her after a party at a hotel. >>> 49erss coach harbaugh says he wants his players to enjoy every minute as the team gears up to play the big game in the big easy. >> that is the most exciting thing to look forward to. playing the game. the ball kicked off. and, and working together, fighting together, playing together. for a chance to win a championship. >> the team is scheduled to leave new new on sunday. while he is encouraging players to have fun he says they will be on a schedule the week before the game. >> a thrill of a lifetime, once- in-a-lifetime go to new orleans for the 49ers win. >> lucky, lucky. some of the faithful were rewarded. season ticket holders picked up their super bowl tick itets. each -- tickets. each ticket cost dollars 850. he and his wife were so certain the 9ers would make it to new orleans they made airplane, hotel and car reservations last september. >>> >> just about anything with collin's name on is it selling fast these days. >> he is jus
their search. it took place inside in two- unit home with the lights on. >> we this evening she tells us police did find something that they sent to a state lab for testing. cadaver dogs might have found remains under the con can crete floor of the garage. preliminarily it appears they are animal bones and not how many. one neighbor tells us she's unsettled by the search. >> >> reporter: what's you're reaction? >> tearerfullying. especially in your own neighborhood. it's been a long time ago but in everyone's minds there's also fear. >> reporter: the search has attacked a lot of attention in this neighborhood. people telling us they remember kevin collins being among the first missing children casings getting widespread attention. >>> we have more details now from our past coverage of this case. we spoke to kevin's mother a decade ago when she showed us pictures right before the boy disappeared. and the one that became the fist picture of a missing child on the milk carton. one lead that went nowhere was senders on con convicted killer. they cleared them of any novemberment. talking to family m
of this happening, of the united states of america not paying its bills is irresponsible. >> in a news conference, the president warned that not increasing the debt limit is irresponsible and would harm the economy. republicans in the house want spending cuts if the debt ceiling is raised. >>> on wall street, stocks traded mostly sideways as the markets finished mixed. dow industrial gained 18 points. nasdaq dropped 8 weighed down by a decline in apple. the company saw its stocks slump following report apple has cut orsd for iphone 5 components. the report suggests demand for the iphone 5 stagnated relatively quickly. stokss dripped below 500 down $18 and change or 3 and a half percent. apple's all-time high is 700. >>> a bay area pizza chain is giving money back to its workers. ahead in eight minutes how the mistakes it made will be swallowed by customers. >>> the 2013 lease will be priced at just below 29 thousand tlrs. that's a 6 thousand $reduction from the previous model year. based on production of the e lek tris lease sold in the u.s. to tennessee to japan. >>> it's the confession many peo
service to be halted in the united states, after japanese airlines grounded their planes. consumer editor reports, the fallout is being felt at san jose airport. the only bay airport with 787 service. >> reporter: following japan's lead earlier today, the f.a.a. is formally grounding all u.s. 787 dream liners. that's because an a.n.a. domestic flight made an emergency landing when the crew got an indication of battery problems and smelled smoke. inspectors found the sophisticated lithium battery system partially burnt. another dream liner had a battery fire last week in boston. that, says former u.s. transportation department inspector general, is completely unacceptable. >> the ion batteries with the lithium batteries, it's a very serious problem. one you could call it an aberration but at two you have a real worry of a fire. >> reporter: for san jose airport, a black eye for its renewed asian service. for a.n.a., it's creating chaos in its scheduling. and for its passengers, incredible inconvenience. san jose airport is talking with a.n.a. to resume service here with a similar size but
of the emancipation proclamation. the document signed by abraham lincoln that freed the slaves in the united states. >>> well, for some, nothing says happy new year like a good dip. the hearty souls who say taking this plunge helps brace them for anything that comes this year. >>> and get ready for another cold night. meteorologist rose mary orozco tells us just how close it'll get to freezing in your neighborhood. >>> and if you're onto go, you can still watch ktvu news live on your computer, smart phone or tablet. get the app or go to ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. . >>> cleanup crews hit the streets of san francisco early this morning after the fire works show ended and the partiers hopefully made it safely home. 10s of thousands of people showed up for the midnight show and many left their trash and bottles behind, but city public works crews tidied things up with street sweepers and brooms. th
that has not been used commercially yet in the united states. >> professor patrick of the university of maryland says that's true, but as someone who's spent years researching how to turn algae into fuel, he says it's worth trying. >> algae actually grows faster than any other kind of plant. that's why it may well be the best source as a feed stock for biofuel. >> why when all the arguments during the cliff crisis were over responsible budgeting was all this include sgld they just didn't have enough time. these tax breaks, the easy thing to do was simply to extend them. these aren't new. >> and more details now on how the actions in washington might affect your pocketbook in the year ahead. even though congress made a deal keeping income taxes stable on americans less than $4 hun thousand a year, likely your paycheck may shrink. that's because a 2% social security payroll tax that was temporarily waived two years ago is now back in effect. >>> in the bay area a couple making a hun thousand dollars a year taking a $2,000 cut in that income is massive. it's completely different than in
case unit. he says the break in the case came in 2010 from analysis of her fingernail clippings taken at the time of her death. >> this particular case, those fingernail clippings were submitted to the crime lab who was able to develop a profile from the skin cells or the dna under those fingernail sdmrs mountain view police compared the dna with the state's dna data base of convicted felons. that led them to a home in fresno on january 3rd where they made an arrest. the dna matched 53-year-old daniel garcia. police say garcia and the victim knew each other and investigators say garcia told police last week there had been a violent confrontation and he threw her in a dumpster. police say her family is relieved tonight. >> it brought closure to their family so they were very pleased with this arrest. >> the judge set bail for garcia at $2 million, and garcia is expected to be in court again on february 5th to enter a plea. reporting live from mountain view, ktvu xanl 2 news. >>> well, meantime, san francisco police are asking for the public's help in solving a homicide that happened si
processing unit. >> we realized it was the smell of urine and fee sees, and from that point on, we immediately -- my staff members and myself, management, we immediately started taking precautions. >> the hospital still working to sterilize the effected rooms, but officials say no sue saj-contaminated areas of patient care. >>> the alameda county sheriff's office says it found a five-foot alligator guarding a marijuana stash. take a look here at mr. teeth. deputies say he was guarding 34 pounds of processed marijuana. the gator was found in a plexiglas tank in a house in castro valley. deputies arrested the gator's owner. the alligator is now being treated at the oakland zoo. >>> as you can imagine, we have a lot of ktvu viewers commenting on this story. you can join the conversation by liking us at ktvu channel 2 news on facebook. >>> i just couldn't bring myself to vote for him. >> this sports writer left barry bonds off her hal of fame ballot and so did plenty of others. tonight one explanation you wouldn't expect. >> the oakland muse sim of california twice by a burglar. what h
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